Friday, February 20, 2009

The Ultimate reward

Whatever we are graphic or web designer, I fondly believe that nothing comes closer from heaven than when a client tells you that you did such a great job that he cannot decide on a design and he will test both skins you created for his web strategy. Well, that situation happened to me not too long ago as I was invited to submit UI designs with different look & Feel to revamp an online corporation.

The client, Companies Incorporated is a very successful and trusted provider of business filing, incorporating, LLC and corporation formation services, as they are the Corporation Company Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction.

Companies Incorporated always believed in branding, but never invested the time or resources required, to develop a brand that matched their aspirations. As the competition was growing bigger stronger in their field though, Companies Incorporated eventually felt the need to visually revamp brand to visually reposition them back at the top, were it belong, and keep their ranking in the market.

I decided to test three different approaches, one needed to be dropped as it was too dark which, from a legal point of view send the wrong message as the new age of business is based on transparency.

Submitted Designs
The two other designs where built around the idea of transparency and simplicity. Therefore I used big images, featuring an obvious and warm human presence. The layout is built on a white background with iPhone's like icons to ease and improve user's experience. Some minor tweaks later, the two new skins were ready to be tested.

Approved Designs
David Morin B.V.A.
Brand Artist

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