Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Evaluating the creative work you receive

As promised, here it is. This is a quick checklist that allows you to evaluate creative work. Agencies usually use such system but very few freelancers do. This is a useful tool so use it, and don't be intimidated when it comes the time to re question somebody's work. Have Fun!


o Is central to creative concept.
o Is correctly shown/explained
o Its benefits/features (uniqueness) are properly emphasized
o The way it is shown reinforces established positioning and customer perception.
o Logos/trademarks/names/intellectual properties are treated correctly.
o Other product/services could not be easily substituted within this creative

Creative Approach:

o Is uniqueness/unusual to the product/service.
o Is attention getting
o Fits tone/style of the product/service
o Fits tone/style of the client/organization
o Complements other media.
o Addresses primary interests of reader/viewers.
o Has inherent interest or story appeal; is not merely decorative or explanatory.
o Directs readers/viewers attention to what’s most important about the product/service.
o Is memorable
o Is believable
o Is persuasive.
o Appears stylish and contemporary.
o Encourage further action by readers/viewers.
o Provides means for contacting/next step.
o Has staying power (is not quickly outdated)

Shop Standards

o Can be produced within time and budget constraints.
o Presentation materials are organized and professional.
o Presentation has been gone over/rehearsed.

Clear Objectives

• Primary objectives:
• Is addressed by:

Secondary objective:

• Is addressed by:
• Other Considerations


o Okay as is.
o Needs further Refinement:

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