Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From Freelancing to Startups – Netsetting

As a startup myself, I think there’s nothing more exciting than when somebody comes to you saying: "I understand, I’ve been there, I’ve done that", and it is especially true in those tough economic times.

This morning, I was drinking my tea (I gave up coffee recently excepted for an occasional espresso) and reviewing my blog roll and a post called: "From Freelancing to Startups – Netsetting” caught my attention……

It describes in short the story of Collis Ta'eed, making the transition with his wife into the business world “...it kinda sucked doing client jobs all day, then working on the new business into the night - usually interspersed with even more client work. But it sure beat taking a loan from a bank and having repayments hanging over our new enterprise.”. So far, nothing new. We all have dealt with that situation at one point. Where it becomes interesting though is that they’ve been starting a new blog recently about their experiences in startups and web business. It’s called TheNetsetter. Their posts are very insightful, a great resource for any freelancer who have the desire in bridging to the business world full time.

Following, the first posts, make sure to check them out!

1. It Won’t Happen Overnight But It Will Happen!
2. Doing Things Yourself Will Only Get You So Far
3. Guerrilla Marketing for Startups
4. Strategy Games and How They Can Help Your Business

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